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Baked daily in house. Available in retail store or by custom order.

Craving a classic key lime pie? Need cupcakes for class or a cake for a party? Want to surprise the office with mint cake balls on a Friday or pocket pies? How about a cake pop when you get home and a pie for after dinner? Perhaps cinnamon rolls or coffee cake for church, a turnover for study group, and cheesecake bites for your neighbors who just moved in? Chocolate covered strawberries for when you pop the question? We've got you covered! Give us a few days notice and we will give you your baked heart's desire.

Spontaneously stop in for daily treats, a slice of pie and ice cream, and sweet inspiration for the next dessert you are charged with providing. We have a rhythm to our regular baking that includes key lime pies, cupcakes and coffee cakes, chocolate covered treats and fruit flavors ranging from standard to those you may never have thought to try or combine on your own.

Bakery Hours:
Open 7-Days per Week 10am to 7:00pm